Tony Savarino is available for hire as both a session guitar player/and or producer. In additon to getting a great guitar player Tony also has a beautiful collection of guitars, amps and other toys to help your next project sound great!!!!

He has worked in all the top studios in Boston and over the years has cultivated many longstanding relationships with many of New Englands recording engineers, producers. musicians, recording and mastering studios.

If you would be interested in hiring Tony on your next project as either Guitar player (he plays bass too!!!) and/or producer send an e-mail to: His rates vary from project to project. (BTW he has a soft spot for country sessions!!!)

Tony's Guitars

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'78 Tobacco Sunburst Gibson Les Paul STD
'05 blue limited edition Gibson Les Paul STD
'91 Cherry Gibson ES 335
'72 Gibson SG
Eric Johnson TT sunburst Fender Stratocaster
Red Fender Telecaster STD
HMN Custom
DanElectro Electric 12 String
Jerry Jones Electric Coaral Sitar
Burns Steer


Martin DCM Cutaway
Grammer G10
Old Kraftsmen L4


Fender Vibroking
Vox AC-30 (reissue)
Dr. Z Maz-18
Marshall JMP 100 watt head w/ Marshall 4x12 loaded w/25w Greenbacks
Mesa Boogie Tremoverb Recitifer Head

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